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Sadly, Dunchurch Park Hotel is closed so we are unable to hold our lunch there – hence there is no booking form enclosed with this newsletter.


Pauline is exploring other venues and hopes there may be information at our first meeting. If you are coming to that meeting, we shall either have an information sheet for you to collect or there will be a form to sign to indicate interest and Pam will contact you later. If one is possible and you are not able to come to that meeting but might be interested in going to a Christmas lunch please contact Pam and she will let you know details as soon as possible:


Pam Southern  Tel: 01788 813657    email: psouthern223@btinternet.com





(First Special “Open” Meeting)


Comparing Civilisations…5000 Years and 15 Countries

Thursday 7 October 2021

Dunchurch Village Hall 2.30pm

Speaker:  Anthony Addams


This is a change from the previously announced Lecture


Born in ancient Mesopotamia, you might have been a “Superior Woman”, or an “Inferior Man”.  Born in Ancient Greece, the birthplace of Democracy, you might have had the vote, but only if you were an Athenian. Under Magna Carta, were you a Baron?  Or a serf …with no rights, not even owning your own body?  How was Israel set up as a new state?  The oldest continuous democracy is…?  Where and when you were born over the centuries, would determine your life. Anthony explores the staggering differences in “Forms of Government” in 15 countries over 5000 years.


Please note: This is our “Welcome Back” special meeting with NO admission charge


It is open to all, friends and acquaintances as well as regular members.

At the end, we shall hold a short discussion session to gather your views

on the way forward with RNTA after our enforced suspension.

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