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Talks and Meetings 2018-2019

Thursday 4th October 2018

2.30pm    Dunchurch Village Hall

Our Victorian Architectural Heritage

Speaker: Keith Cattell

Cattell 04.10.18 - Manchester Town Hall
Cattell 04.10.18 - Rugby School (Flickr)
Cattell 04.10.18 - Bilton Grange (Bilton

A look at the development of an architectural landscape that produced a “fancy dress parade” of styles that we are unlikely to ever see again, and gave us a remarkable legacy of building skills now sadly depleted. This was a virile, enterprising and reforming period in our history, reflected in its people, buildings and art.

Bilton Grange (Bilton Grange)

 Rugby School (Flickr)

 Manchester Town Hall 1870s (Local Government Chronicle)



Wednesday 17th October 2018

7.30pm    Dunchurch Village Hall

Across the Roof of the World - Travelling the Silk Road

Speaker: Roger Butler

A 3000 mile journey (by public transport!) in photographs, following the ancient Silk Road through Western China and Tibet, including travels along the Karakorum Highway – and amazing array of peoples and cultures.

Butler 17.10.18 Silk Road - Sultanhani C
Butler 17.10.18 Silk Road - Taldyk Pass

Butler 17.10.18 Silk Road - Taldyk Pass (Gustavo Jeronimo)

Butler 17.10.18 Silk Road - Sultanhani Caravanserai (Jose Luis Filpo Cabana)



Thursday 1st November 2018

2.30pm    Dunchurch Village Hall

Wildlife Gardening

Speaker: Chris Ward

Ward 01.11.18 Small Tortoiseshell on Sed

The talk covers hints, tips, ideas and advice for a good wildlife garden, including sections on water features (including ponds), hedging and shrubs, insect homes, flower borders, “flowery lawns”, and more. Within these themes, specific plant species and varieties are named, although it is not an overly horticultural presentation. It is illustrated throughout with slides of plants, birds, mammals and a variety of insects, photographed in a number of different “Wildlife Gardens”.

Small Tortoiseshell on Sedum - Woolstone (Chris Ward)



Wednesday 21st November 2018

7.30pm    Dunchurch Village Hall

Out There - The Lady Dorethie Feilding Story

Speaker: Julie Ann Cooper

This is a dramatic presentation performance with Julie Ann Cooper portraying Lady Dorothie Feilding retelling her own story and thoughts, beginning at the start of the War in 1914 to its end in 1918.
Lady Dorothie was the 24 year old daughter of the Earl of Denbigh at Newnham Paddox near Rugby.
Julie Ann’s performance is based around her reflections and the numerous letters that she sent to her mother (and also her father) which reveal to the audience her personal experience and give a physical, emotional and psychological insight into the War that history books do not share with us.
It is a story of remarkable courage and devotion to duty, working for the independent Hector Munro Ambulance Corps, exposing herself to many dangers and risks on the front line, that the average woman during the War did not face.
She was the first woman to be awarded the Military Medal by King George V and acknowledged by Belgium and France with the Order of Leopold and the French Croix de Guerre for her remarkable devotion to duty that she gave to their wounded servicemen on the front line.





Thursday 6th December 2018

2.30pm    Dunchurch Village Hall

Kedleston Hall

Speaker: Allan Tyler

Tyler 06.12.18 Kedleston The Adam South

Allan Tyler is a member of the National Trust Talks Service and of the Leicester National Trust Association; his talk on Kedleston Hall will give an overview of the house, gardens and parkland in this major National Trust property, as well as its history and that of the Curzon family who lived there, and created a show palace with lavish decor, furniture and sculp-ture. 

Kedleston The Adam South Front (National Trust)

Originally planned as a relatively straightforward Palladian design by Matthew Brettingham (and partly built like that), it was brilliantly re-designed externally and internally by Robert Adam as an outstanding and imaginative, perfectly finished “Temple of the Arts”.

Tyler 06.12.18 Kedleston Hall Mansion Ex

Kedleston Hall Mansion Exterior

The Palladian North Front (National Trust)



Thursday 17th January 2019

2.30pm    Dunchurch Village Hall

Rugby National Trust Association Annual General Meeting

Followed by:

Laughter: The Best Medicine

Speaker: David Howe

David Howe will give a lively talk on who and what may make us laugh, with all the mental and physical benefits this brings, illustrated with many examples of events and personalities from Rugby and the Midlands generally.



Thursday 7th February 2019

2.30pm    Dunchurch Village Hall

Information about the Summer 2019 Visits

This will include (as usual) a retrospective look at the Summer 2018 visits based on your photos!.


Cottesbrooke Hall visited on a hot and sunny day in July




Wednesday 20th February 2019

7.30pm    Dunchurch Village Hall

The King under the Car Park

Speaker: Iain Gordon                           

Richard III Centre, Leicester

Richard III 20.02.19 Tomb in Leicester C

 Tomb of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral (Go Leicestershire)

The story begins at the Battle of Bosworth and its immediate aftermath, touching on what Leicester was like in medieval times and King Richard III’s first burial.
The focus of the talk is the “Looking for Richard” project, how Philippa Langley became involved, the Greyfriars dig of August 2012 and what the archaeologists found under the car park. Bone analysis, DNA and genealogy, injury analysis and carbon dating also feature in this fascinating talk, concluded with an insight to the re-burial of Richard, in March 2015.

 The Burial site

(Britain Express)

Richard III Centre 20.02.19 (Britain Exp



Thursday 7th March 2019

2.30pm    Dunchurch Village Hall

Discovering Spirit of Place in the Garden at Packwood

Speaker: Mick Evans

Packwood Carolean Garden (University of Warwick)

Mick Evans’ talk covers the discovery and understanding of spirit of place in the garden at Packwood since he became head gardener there in 1999. Unearthing the garden’s history through archive photography, documents and asking important questions to our visitors, staff and the National Trust’s retired Head of Gardens. Mick’s own personal career influences at Sissinghurst and Powis Castle are considered before starting at Packwood. These all help to inform some of his planting and gardening decisions over the general passage of time to discover what really works.

Evans 07.03.19 Packwood Carolean Garden
Evans 07.03.19 Packwood Autumn (National

Packwood Autumn (National Trust, Chris Lacey)



Wednesday 20th March 2019

7.30pm    Dunchurch Village Hall

A Camera in the Cotswolds

Speaker: Keith Holmes

Holmes 20.03.19 -  Cotswold Way near Chi

Cotswold Way near Chipping Campden (Pinterest)

The market towns of the Cotswolds with their merchants’ houses, cottages and fine churches are a legacy of the wealth from the trade in wool centuries ago. The landscape is a blend of rolling uplands and meandering rivers. Besides the ever popular Burford and Chipping Campden some “hidden gems” are revealed, for example Broadway and Stanway, and a section on the Cotswold house in general.
Also featured is Hidcote, an arts and crafts garden laid out in the early part of the 20th Century by the American, Lawrence Johnston. It is described as a garden of rooms each with a feel and theme that is quite different from the next. The garden reveals a quiet corner, a lush glade or wonderful vista at every turn. In the care of the National Trust since 1948 and now restored to how it was in its heyday, Hidcote is a magical place to visit.

Castle Combe (Daily Mail)

Holmes 20.03.19 - Castle Combe (Daily Ma



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