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Thursday 7th October 2021                                                                 2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

The Life and Work of Ernest Gimson                                                                    Speaker:  Allan Tyler

In his classic Pioneers of Modern Design, the eminent art historian Nikolaus Pevsner described Ernest Gimson as “the greatest of the English architect-designers”. Gimson is indeed now firmly established as one of the most influential designers   of the Arts and Crafts   Movement.

Allan Tyler is from the Leicester National Trust   Association and will present an illustrated talk about Gimson’s life and work.

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Wednesday 20th October 2021                                                            7.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

Mary Queen of Scots - the Captive Queen                                               Speaker:  David Templeman

David Templeman, Elizabethan historian and National speaker, came to us a few years ago with his knowledgeable and inspiring two talks about the life of Mary  Stuart in captivity in England, and he now returns to us with an updated and revised edition of this enthralling story, tied in with his recent book on the same subject.

François Clouet, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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Thursday 4th November 2021                                                             2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

Beguiled by Bridges                                                                                           Speaker:  Keith Holmes

Keith has presented a number of his outstanding photographic essays to us in recent years and, this time, he returns with a new and highly recommended talk, again compiled from his world-wide travels.

The Vasco Da Gama bridge over the Tagus near Lisbon

*          *          *

Wednesday 17th November 2021                                                       7.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

The Panama Canal (and more)                                                                   Speaker:  Anthony Addams

Why was the Panama Canal built? Why did the French fail? How did the Americans succeed? Anthony Addams (a member of Rugby NTA) gives an  illustrated talk on this and other canals.

Panorama of Pacific entrance of the canal. Left: Pacific Ocean and Puente de las Americas (Bridge of Pan-American Highway); far right: Miraflores locks.
Brian Gratwicke, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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Thursday 2nd December 2021                                                            2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

"Light Fantastic" - One Thousand Years of Stained Glass                                Speaker:  Keith Cattell

Having given us excellent talks on “Victorian   Architecture” and “English Castles” in previous years, Keith returns with another visually enthralling presentation.

*          *          *

Thursday 20th January 2022                                                               2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

Annual General Meeting   Followed by:

The National Trust - The next 25 years                                                                 Speaker:  Andy Beer

NT Midland Chief Executive

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Thursday 3rd February 2022                                                               2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

Creating a New Feature from an Old Garden                                                      Speaker:  Mick Evans
*          *          *

Wednesday 16th February 2022                                                         7.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

The History of the BTH Works in Rugby                                                              Speaker:  Alain Foote

*          *          *


Thursday 3rd March 2022                                                                    2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

Northampton Guildhall - A Story in Stone                                                            Speaker:  Kate Wills
*          *          *

Wednesday 16th March 2022                                                               7.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

Queen Victoria - A Life in Portraits                                                         Speaker:  Gillian White

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