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Last years Talks and Meetings

Thursday 3rd October 2019                                                                 2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

The Englishman's Castle is his Home

Speaker:  Keith Cattell

T1-2-Kirby Muxloe Castle- English  Herit
The castle was strictly a private family fortification, literally brought over to this country by William the Conqueror as his “secret weapon” to defeat and subdue the English. It has been with us ever since, with some of the most  remarkable examples    being built in the 19th   century. This talk is a look at our castles and how they have changed over the centuries.

Muxloe Castle ©English Heritage

T1-3-Castle Drogo- National  Trust.jpg

Castle Drogo ©National Trust

T1-1-Kenilworth Castle-English  Heritage

Kenilworth Castle ©English Heritage

*          *          *

Wednesday 16th October                                                                              7.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall


The History of Willans Works in Rugby

Speaker:  Alain Foote

T2-1-Willans Works- Our
T2-3-Royal visit to Willans,  1967-Rugby
T2-2-Willans Workforce-Our  Warwickshire
Retired Chartered Mechanical Engineer Alain Foote spent his entire working life at the Willans Works in Newbold Road, Rugby. Alain will outline the     history of Willans & Robinson and describe how the company came to move to Rugby in the late 19th century. The presentation will then go on to describe how the works expanded during the 20th century before its gradual run down in the latter part of the century.
The talk will also include information on the wartime activities and the various changes in company ownership over the years. Details will also be given on the products made at the works.

Willans Works ©Our Warwickshire

Royal visit to Willans 1967 ©Rugby Observer

Willans Workforce ©Our Warwickshire

*          *          *

Thursday 7th November                                                                                           2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

The Old Naval College in Greenwich

Speaker:  Derek Clark

T3-1_Royal Naval College-  VisitLondon.j

Royal Naval College ©VisitLondon

Derek Clarke, who gave us previous outstanding presentations on the restoration of the Birmingham Back-to-Backs and of Tyntesfield, Somerset, returns to describe the extensive repair of all the external elements of the major buildings forming the Old Royal Naval College at Greenwich. The privilege of repairing four of Sir Christopher Wren’s 18th century buildings with World Heritage status has to be a career special.

The presentation takes the audience on sky walk inspections, close up visuals of the highest quality stone decorations, and explains in detail the major obstacles that had to be overcome; including the part played by “Jason”.

The exceptional skills of the conservation workforce are illustrated to show the extent of their dedication.

T3-2_RNC Chapel - VisitLondon.jpg

Royal Naval College Chapel ©VisitLondon

T3-3-RNC Painted Hall -RNC.jpg

Royal Naval College Painted Hall ©RNC

*          *          *

Wednesday 20th November                                                                 7.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall  

Norfolk: Broads, Churches and Windmills

Speaker:  Roger Hailwood

At the time of Domesday Book, Norfolk had the largest population of all English counties. Centuries of momentous changes have now left it with an exceptional number of ruined churches. Roger Hailwood’s talk is a tour of Norfolk taking in some of the notable churches, ruined or still working, and some of their surprising features and interiors, including an unusually large number with round towers; also taking in some interesting windmills and the experience of a little sailing on the rivers and Broads, with one of their true heroes.
T4-3-Cley Windmill- TourNorfolk.jpg

Cley Windmill ©TourNorfolk

T4-1-Norfolk Broads Scene 1 - Campsites.

Norfolk Broads Scene ©

T4-2-Booton Church-LiteraryNorfolk.jpg

Booton Church ©LiteraryNorfolk

T4-4-Norfolk Broads Scene 2-TourNorfolk.

Norfolk Broads Scene ©TourNorfolk

*          *          *

Thursday 5th December                                                                                            2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall


The English Civil War                                               

Speaker:  John Dacombe

T5-3- Group of the English Civil War Soc

Group of the English Civil War Society ©EnglishCivilWarSociety

John Dacombe has been a member of the Sealed Knot for 33 years, and his talk gives the background and causes of the English Civil War, describes weapons of the period, their use and historical military tactics, and takes in local events such as the taking of Rugby and the attack on Kilsby. It ends with an account of one of the local battles, either Edgehill or Naseby (Battlefield guides for both of these will be available).

John and his wife Liz come in 17th century kit and bring reproduction   weapons and other kit from the period.

T5-2Women and the Civil War - National A

Women and the Civil War ©NationalArchives

T5-1-Olover Cromwell at the Battle of Du

Oliver Cromwell at the Battle of Dunbar (Andrew Carrick Gow 1886) ©

*          *          *

Thursday 16th January                                                                        2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall


Rugby National Trust Association Annual General Meeting


Followed By :-


The Women's Land Army During World War I

Speaker:  Helen Frost

Helen Frost will give an illustrated talk about the quite incredible contribution made by this oft-forgotten, overlooked Army of women who    during the Great War years were recruited mainly from towns and cities to work on the land, in large numbers, and often for the first time. She will also bring a display of photographs of the Women’s Land Army working in  all their various roles, as well as a reproduction uniform.
T6-1-Womens Land Army WWI -At the Stable

At the Stables ©ImperialWarMuseum

T6-3- MIlking!- IWM.jpg

Milking! ©ImperialWarMuseum

T6-2-In the Fields - IWM.jpg

In the Fields ©ImperialWarMuseum

*          *          *

Thursday 6th February                                                                                            2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall


Information about the Summer 2020 Visits                                               

This will include (as usual) a retrospective look at the Summer 2019 visits based on your photos!.
Pork Pie Making on a visit to Melton Mowbray in May
Visit to Tyntesfield in June
Thanks to Pauline Springett for the pictures.

*          *          *

Wednesday 19th February                                                                 7.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

Railway Crime

Speaker:  Mike Riley

T7-1-Railway Crime- David&Charles.jpg

Railway Crime ©DavidAndCharles

Mike Riley, who has given us previous lively talks on the Great Central Railway and Railway Accidents, returns to  give a fascinating illustrated run-down of notable crimes on the railways of Britain during the last two     hundred years. (We all know about the famous Great Train Robbery of 1963, but what of the murder of Elizabeth Camp, the first woman ever to be murdered aboard a train in Britain (1897), and of the Merstham Tunnel Mystery (1905)?) 

T7-2- Reading GWR - Scene of raiway Frau

Reading GWR Scene of Railway Fraud  ©BerkshireHistory

*          *          *

Thursday 5th March                                                                                                    2.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall


Attingham Park                                               

Speaker:  Linda Thomas (NT)

T8-2-Deer Park at Attingham-National Tru

Deer Park at Attingham ©NationalTrust

T8-3-Picture Hall at Attingham-ViewBrita
It is proposed to run a coach trip to Attingham Park following this talk, in June 2020.

Linda Thomas, from the National Trust team at Attingham Park near Shrewsbury, will give a talk about who lived at Attingham, the history of the house and the Hill family. It is a story of love and neglect, changing  fortunes, revival and rediscovery.


It is proposed to run a coach trip to Attingham Park following this talk, in June 2020.

T8-1-Attingham Park Exterior- National T

Picture Hall at Attingham ©ViewBritain

Attingham Park Exterior ©NationalTrust

*          *          *

Wednesday 18th March                                                                        7.30pm Dunchurch Village Hall

Henry VIII and the Field of Cloth of Gold

Speaker:  Gillian White

In June 1520 the king of France and the king of England met in a field outside Calais to celebrate peace. The celebrations that accompanied this meeting have become known as the Field of Cloth of Gold because of their extravagance and luxury, a magnificence captured in the famous painting at Hampton Court. Textiles, armour, goldsmiths’ work, painting and even a  dazzling temporary palace were all called upon to impress the watching world. The diplomatic negotiations were ultimately worthless but for Henry VIII and Francois I it was a chance to compete for honour and glory. This talk explores the history and especially the artistry of this magnificent yet futile event.
T9-2- Field of Cloth of Gold (British Sc

Field of Cloth of Gold (British School) ©RoyalCollectionTrust

T9-3- Henry VIII at  Field of CofG - The

Henry VIII at Field of Cloth of Gold ©TheTimes

T9-1-Field of Cloth of Gold with Francis

Field of Cloth of Gold with Francis I and Henry VIII (John Gilbert, Victorian) ©ParlimentaryArtColloection


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