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Leicester Cathedral and Richard III Centre                                                       Wednesday 10th April

By car to meet outside Cathedral at 11.00am

Organised by: Isobel Palmer

Leicester cathedral richard's tomb.jpg

Following the talk "The King in the Car Park" Isobel has arranged a trip to Leicester so that members can see the site of Richard III discovery and burial first hand.

The Tomb of Richards III in Leicester Cathedral

*          *          *

Walk from Hatton Locks                                                                                          Wednesday 8th May

By car, meet in the Hatton Locks Car Park for a 10.00am start

Organised by: Mark Furber      Supported by: Flick Furber

Postponed from last year due to torrential rain, lets hope for good weather to complete this enjoyable and interesting walk.


Hatton Locks

*          *          *

Melton Mowbray and Belvoir Castle                                                                         Tuesday 21th May

By coach departing at 9.00am

Organised by: Pauline Springett     Supported by: Alex Springett


Belvoir Castle Leicestershire 

By Kmtextor - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

On arrival members will have time to explore the town and see why it has an excellent reputation as a centre for fine food and drink.  There will be time for lunch before boarding the coach for the onward journey to Belvoir Castle. The castle sits on a spectacular site overlooking the Leicestershire countryside.  As well as being a spectacular building, the castle contains many interesting items and an excellent collection of pictures.

*          *          *

Kew Gardens and Palace                                                                                     Wednesday 12th June

By coach departing at 8.45am

Organised by: Janet and Ken Wayland       Supported by: Janice Snell


Kew Gardens - Palm House to Victoria Gate  By Patche99z - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

A chance to visit what is probably the largest collection of living plants in the world. There are also many interesting buildings, including the spectacular Palm House, the Pagoda and Kew Palace plus numerous sculptures and statues. .

*          *          *

Delapre Abbey, Northampton                                                                                 Thursday 20th June

By coach departing at 9.00am

Organised by: Janice Snell       Supported by: John Snell, Janet and Ken Wayland

Delapre Abbey

By John Preston Neale - This file is from the Mechanical Curator collection, a set of over 1 million images scanned from out-of-copyright books and released to Flickr Commons by the British Library.View image on FlickrView all images from bookView catalogue entry for book. Public Domain,


The Abbey can trace its history back 900 years, when it was founded by Cluniac Nuns. Todays house has been saved from destruction by "The Delapre Abbey Preservation Society" and has undergone extensive restoration.

*          *          *

Tyntesfield, Somerset                                                                                          Wednesday 26th June

By coach departing at 8.45am

Organised by: George Brunavs       Supported by: Val Brunavs

Featured in our recent lecture programme,  Derek Clark gave a fascinating talk describing the restoration of Tyntesfield. This visit provides an opportunity to see how the building has been returned to its former glory.


Tyntesfield the South Front

*          *          *

Burghley House, Stamford                                                                                     Wednesday 3rd July

By coach departing at 9.00am

Organised by: Roger Jones       Supported by: Catherine Jones, Pauline & Alec Springett


Home to the Cecil family for nearly 500 years, Burghley house must have witnessed many significant moments in English history.  This magnificent house contains numerous artefacts reflecting the families prominent position,    close   to  the   centre of government over many generations.

Burghley House

By Original uploaded by നിരക്ഷരൻ. - Transferred from ml.wikipedia by Sreejith K (talk), Public Domain,

*          *          *

Barnsdale Gardens and Rutland Water                                                                    Tuesday 16th July

By coach departing at 8.30am

Organised by: Janice Snell       Supported by: John Snell, Janet and Ken Wayland


Explore 38 individually themed garden "rooms" at Barnsdale Gardens. then enjoy the sights of  Rutland Water.aboard the Rutland Belle.

Knot Garden at Barnsdale Gardens

By Wesley Trevor Johnston, CC BY-SA 2.0, 

*          *          *

Sudeley Castle and Gardens                                                                                 Wednesday 24th July

By coach departing at 8.45am

Organised by: Mark Furber      Supported by: Flick Furber

Sudeley castle.jpg

Following refreshments a talk will introduce members to the fascinating history of the castle. The castle contains many interesting exhibits and there will be time to walk in the award winning gardens. In the grounds you will also find a Pheasantry that is helping with the conservation of a number of endangered species.

Sudeley Castle

*          *          *

Coton Manor Garden, Northamptonshire                                                            Tuesday 13th August

By car to arrive at 12.15pm

Organised by: Pauline Springett     Supported by: Alex Springett

Arrive by car ready for a relaxing lunch in the restaurant and afterwards enjoy the attractive gardens set in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside.


Statue of Pan in Coton Manor Gardens 

By Andy F, CC BY-SA 2.0

*          *          *

Kelmscott Manor                                                                                                  Thursday 22nd August

By coach departing at 9.00am

Organised by: Aileen Brown


Dating from around 1600 the house perfectly met the ideals of William Morris when he saw it in the 1870's.  He jointly rented the house with Dante Gabriel Rossetti as their country home. The house contains many of the textiles and furnishings associated with the Arts and Crafts movement.

Kelmscott Manor

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